Hi everyone!

It's been 4 days since we launch our project and it's been an exciting journey to us, knowing that many of you guys supported the project. We are currently working on to improve our project and we will now introduce our Mythical Beasts. Mythical Beast is sacred mount of gods.

These are the concept of Fierce Dawon, Noble Nandi and Grand Airavata who will accompany our Sveta and Boma on their journey. Find them and make contract with them.

Dawon is Vahana(mount) of Durga. A Sacred Tiger that has the power of flame. Righteous beast that fight against the wicked

Nandi is the white bull, Vahana(mount) of Shiva the god of destruction. His white color is marked as a symbol of purity and devotion. Nandi is regarded as the gatekeeper and protector of Shivagrha.

Airavata is the white elephant and the king-god of elephants. His name is derived from the word "Iravat", signifying as one who is produced from water, also known as "the one who binds the clouds" . Airavata is Vahana of Indra, the Lord of Heaven.

Each time Sveta summons the Mythical Beast, she will gain enormous power for limited time and change her appearance according to the Mythical Beast.

There will be two more Mythical Beasts in the near future. They will soon show their majestic form to you guys in future update.