Hi everyone!

Our campaign on Kickstarter has come to end, but this is not the end of our journey! With so much support that we receive, we will make sure to bring the best for this game into reality.

We will have pre-order period through paypal and all money from it will continue to fund the stretch goals that we set. The pre-order period will end on December 2015. The content for the pre-order will be adjusted later on.

The Backer Achievement will also continue till December 2015, the same as pre-order period. So continue to share and spread the news!

Facebook Like : 458 likes
Facebook Share : 175 shares
Twitter follower : 62 followers
Twitter retweet : 330 retweets
tumblr. follower : 21 followers
tumblr. reblog : 41 reblogs
Youtube subscriber : 49 subscribers
Kickstarter video play : 14,920 plays

We end up with 625 backers and we will give you guys 2 points for it, so with adding all up we are now at 7 achievement points!