Hi everyone!

We’re welcoming all new backers and many thanks to all backers for the support and contribution.

We've shown you the first two lokas, Naraka loka as shown on game demo and Preta loka. The third loka will be Tiracchana (Tiryagyoni) loka, means the realm of animal which symbolize the suffering of tormented spirits who led a life by animal rules in their previous life. The suffering is conditioned by ignorance lives, preying on others, lacks of self-awareness and live by constant routines without values.

Here is the Video Link

Our Final Week Surprise!

You might already knew that our $25K goal will include 3 lokas and the next 3 lokas are part of our stretch goal. As our gratitude toward you guys, we're officially announcing that the next 3 lokas will be included in this $25K goal. These are the concept preview for the other 3 lokas. Hope you guys excited for this!

Manusya Loka

Manusya is a Sanskrit word for human, thus Manusya loka depicts human realm and its elements.

Asura Loka

The word “Asura“ might be familiar to some of you since it is a Sanskrit word used the most in many concepts. Since some image of Asura resembles titan, this realm depicts titan's realm with huge properties compared to Sveta.

Svarga Loka

Svarga loka is a place where the spirits should have its moksa (liberation).

All these lokas are not final yet, and we’re open for any feedback and suggestion.

Since there was a change in the stretch goal, we will make some adjustment for the new stretch goal and share it to you guys on the next update. Stay tuned! Cheers!