Hi everyone!

We have prepared reward’s design mock up for all backers start from tier $80+. It will be the final looks of the product, unless there are adjustment(s) need to be done.

Boma Naraka Sura PC Cover

Post Card Frontside

Post Card Backside

T-shirt Design

Concept Art Book of Boma Cover and Inside

Concept Art Book of Boma Inside

Chronicles of Boma Naraka Sura Storybook

"Leyak" Dakimakura

Boma Statue (8")

There will be two sizes of exclusive box, 30*25*15 (in cm) for tier Rakshasa and 30*25*25 (in cm) for tier Yaksha and above.

Exclusive Box Design

Opened Exclusive Box

We also have a little surprise for Apsara Level Backer and above. We will give additional physical copy of the Boma Naraka Sura OST included as a reward.

OST Boma Naraka Sura CD Cover


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