Hi everyone!

Thanks to @Ramzo Willy suggestion on Kickstarter, we finally came up with the plan for Backers Achievement!

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Accumulate all points and unlock additional rewards to all backers. (In game rewards will be rewarded to all backers, excluded for SUDRA level). Latest statistic data will be announced along with the next campaign update, which will also be updated in campaign page.

Special In-game Set Final Look

Based on the final vote result, #2 MAGHA was chosen to be the special in-game set which will be rewarded for backers tier MAHARESI and above. We had considered the feedback to combine part of the other 2 options and we tried to make some refinement for Magha set. So this is it! Hope you guys like it! :)

Final look on Magha Set In-game

Detailed look on Magha Set Weapon

As a bonus we also share the illustrated version of Magha set.

Illustrated version of Magha Set

We are planning to release more costumes as DLC after the game released, but for Magha set will only be available through Kickstarter campaign, so grab it while you can!