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Did you played the demo yet? You might already encounter mini boss in game demo. Yes, the one you fought is actually just a mini boss called Dosa. It means "anger" in Pali language, one of the manifestation of human negativity. Each loka will have its sets of mini boss which are the manifestation of human negativity with corresponding concept of each loka. We'd like to show some of them on future updates.

Aside of mini boss, there will also be a Boss for each loka. This time we'll let you know two of the boss, Yamantaka and Ghatotkacha. You might have seen Ghatotkacha. She was previously featured in story of Boma from the previous update. You will face Yamantaka, The Lord of Naraka Loka, as the boss of Naraka loka to continue your journey to the next loka, Preta Loka.



Yamantaka is the Boss Avatar that inspired by original character In the Vedas. Avatar is a term used in Hinduism for a material manifestation of a deity. Yama is said to have been the first mortal who died and the become the ruler of the death. As the God of Death, Yamantaka is also Guardian of Hell, rescuer of the souls and one of Lokapala (Guardian of the directions) that guard the south direction.

In Javanese astrology, ones who born under influence of Yamantaka will have a bold characteristic that always fight against injustice.

Yamantaka Avatar

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Last but not least, we're still counting until the vote for special in game set ends. We're encouraging anyone who hasn't contribute yet for the vote. Cheers.