Hi everyone!

We are so excited right now because of many things that happen to us lately, and we will share all of it here with you in this updates!


Our demo is finally here, you can download it below. It is still alpha and any feedback is appreciated.


We have been Greenlit! Thanks for all of your support!


We are now accepting pledges through PayPal! Therefore, all of you who couldn't back us before because credit card issues - please consider doing it now!


Another good news is that we have found a way to reduce our shipping cost to US on Apsara level and above. To all US backers be sure to update your rewards.

Also regarding to the rewards, it seems that we made a typo on Apsara level, where we write down another "Physical copy of the game" when we already included Maharaja level rewards.

So when you backed Apsara level or above you will get one "Physical copy of the game" instead of two. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Other Updates

We are now on Twitter and tumblr be sure to follow us! We also updated the description of the game with all the huge updates we get. We hope that we will be able to share more good news to all of you. Cheers!